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Passionately serving nonprofits since 2001

Your brand is more than just your logo - it is your standing in the community.  A strong brand opens doors, inspires volunteers, and attracts board members.

Tell us your story, your mission and your audience.  Let us research and analyze your needs and challenges – and what others think of you.   Collecting this data will help us develop a brand that others will recognize as “you.” 

Let your brand separate you from the pack.

Good design will catch their eye.  Great writing will hold their attention.

From brochures and websites to newsletters and press releases, we can turn your stories into compelling copy that inspires trust among your donors, engages the community, and motivates your volunteers and staff.

Design can make or break a project.  What good is a solid message if it gets lost in the clutter?

Impact.  Some organizations get it.  Some don’t.  It’s that simple.

Public relations isn’t about throwing a message out there and hoping it sticks.  Our focused, research-driven process will fit your organization.  We help you look at your organization, community, and objectives – from a new angle.  Then we work with you to develop a plan that makes a lasting impression.

Plan.  Create.  Persist.  Succeed.

A comprehensive assessment is your communication plan’s road map.  Discovering where you are on the path is critical to charting a course that leads to success.  We offer full communication assessments, from a comprehensive review of current communication vehicles for banding, messaging and consistency to stakeholder surveys and focus groups.