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Passionately serving nonprofits since 2001

Serious development efforts often require partnerships with outside counsel. Krisp Communications provides comprehensive management of capital campaigns to get your organization from the initial planning stages to the ribbon cutting ceremony.

Does just the mention of a fundraising event can send your staff running for cover?  Krisp Communications loves special events and is experienced in working with staff and volunteer committees to ensure that every detail leaves your guests wowed!

From golf tournaments to galas, we can help you design and run a signature event to engage the public and raise funds and awareness for your organization. 

A strong grantwriting program is central to financially successful organizations.

Research.  Krisp Communications has access to the largest grantmaker database available.  Learn what grantmakers are interested in your field, and find foundations that have given to similar organizations.

Plan.  What programs are the most interesting to grantmakers? How can you leverage outcomes into larger grants?  What gaps in your budget need filling?  Krisp Communications will help you plan an effective grantwriting program.

Write. What is your nonprofit’s story? Krisp Communications will listen - to your staff, your volunteers, and those you serve – and tell your nonprofit’s story in a compelling manner.

Your donors are the lifeblood of your organization - your greatest asset.  Are you treating them right?

Big or small, we can work with your organization to develop a solid approach to fundraising.  It starts by looking at how you raised funds.  We meet with your leadership teams and volunteer committees to develop clear fundraising objectives.  We set benchmarks to ensure your staff and volunteers execute the plan effectively.  Organizations with structured fundraising plans typically raise more money than those that do not have a defined plan.

Be a “have” rather than a “have not” organization.