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Standards for Excellence

PANO's Standards for Excellence program provides guidance regarding best practices in nonprofit management. The program sets a high benchmark,

exceeding minimum legal standards, by establishing rigorous standards to describe how well-managed and responsibly-governed nonprofits operate.

The Standards for Excellence Program covers eight areas of nonprofit governance and operations:

- Mission and Program
- Governing Board
- Conflict of Interest
- Human Resources
- Financial and Legal Accountability
- Openess
- Fundraising
- Public Affairs and Public Policy

Assure your donors, volunteers and other constituents that your organization is committed to operating in an exceptional manner and adhering to the highest standards.

Kristine Parkes, MA, CFRE, is a licensed consultant for the Standards for Excellence program. She understands the intricacies of the program and is equipped to assist your organization should it choose to work with a consultant to implement the Standards for Excellence program.  Kristine is licensed by the Standards for Excellence Institute as well, enabling her to work with organizations across the country.